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Moisture Readings - Mobile

With RestoReports, moisture readings could not be any easier.  With any smartphone, tablet, or pc, make RestoReports the best tool in your bag.

No more folders or missing paperwork, just go to on your smartphone, tablet, or computer and start entering in data.

It's fast, reliable, easy, and so much more efficient. Your customer, and more importantly, the insurance adjusters will be profoundly impressed.

Moisture Readings


Adjuster Reports - Looks good with less work.

Not only does RestoReports save time and efficiency with your technicians in the field, but also saves time back at the office.

When an insurance adjuster calls for readings and pictures, just easily send them the report link directly from the report page. The adjuster will be able to retrieve a live read-only report of the job. An insurance adjuster is able to print, email, save all the readings, photos, and forms instantly at anytime without having to wait for the contractor to fax or email.

All the while, saving you time, saving time for the insurance adjuster, allowing you to get paid faster.

User Friendly

RestoReports is designed to be professional, fast, reliable, and unbelievably simple to use.

RestoReports gets straight to the point, and doesn't distract you with annoying content and useless features. Once you sign in, you will see a quick view of the most current properties, and all you have to do is start entering data.

Even on slower networks, the pages load quick and clear, not slowing your progress on the job.

User-friendly design
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